Twitter Basics 2

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If you need to start from the top, see Twitter Basics 1.

As always, log in to twitter first.

Q. How to I know if someone is talking to me on twitter? Is it like e-mailing?

No, it’s not like e-mailing. When you tweet a message, it’s like posting a message on your public bulletin board. People who wants to see your messages on your bulletin board will need to follow you, so when they log in they can see your recent tweets.

Many people use software to track conversations on twitter but for beginners, I think we will just use the simple free tools.

Method 1: (I think it’s easier to see what’s going on)

  1. Go to
  2. Put in “@your twitter id” as the search word. My id is “IonDesign” so my search word is “@IonDesign”.
  3. The results is a list of tweets from other people that mentioned your twitter id.

Example: _moneywhisperer: @IonDesign I found you!!

In this tweet, _moneywhispere wrote “I found you!!” to me. And if you see two icons on the left, that means the person is responding to your tweet.

If you see “RT” in the message that means “ReTweet”, someone is just repeating your message, not necessarily writing to you.

RT Example:

First I wrote a message to Home Depot:
The staff at Issaquah @HomeDepot garden center are helpful (took a 50lb bag to my car with a bright smile), friendly and fast! Thank you!

Home Depot ReTweeted my message instead of replying:
homedepot: RT @IonDesign staff at Issaquah @HomeDepot garden are helpful (took a 50lb bag to my car w/a smile), friendly and fast! Thank you! //thx!

Method 2: (not as easy to see what’s going on)

  1. Click on “Home” in the top right corner of your twitter window
  2. Find and click on @your twitter id (mine looks like @IonDesign)
  3. You will get a list of any tweets that included your id

Q. How do I respond to the tweet?

When you find a tweet you like to respond to, just click on the “Reply” link. Twitter will start it up with the twitter id of the person you are responding to, so just fill in the rest.

Twitter Basics 1

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One of my clients is really interested in using twitter but she is uncomfortable with computers and social media. So each week we work together and try something new on twitter. I am posting the notes for my client and for anyone who is like my client. If you still don’t have a twitter account, go sign up and they will take you through it.

Q. What am I looking at when I first log in?

You will see the tweets (messages people post on twitter) from people you are following, most recent one is on top. If you intent to follow many people, consider putting people in different “Lists.” (how-to is listed below)

Q. How do I find people to follow?

There are many ways to go but I will list a few simple ones.

  1. twitter iconThink of people you are interested in, find their web sites, and look for a “Follow me on Twitter” or a Twitter icon, like the one on the right. (If you like, you can click on it, and it will take you to my twitter page.)
  2. Or you can search by adding “twitter” to the end of your search. For example, if you are looking for my client Marielle Higler, your search phrase would be “Marielle Higler twitter”.
  3. The most basic method is to use the “Find People” link on the top right corner on your twitter page to do the search.

For method 2 and 3, you might get many people listed. To find the one you really want to follow, look at their profile photo or check out the bio on their twitter page.

Q. How do I follow people and put the in a list?

Once you found the person you want to follow and arrived at their twitter page, click on “Follow”, that’s it!

If you want to put this person on your list

  1. Click on “Lists”
  2. Select “New list” to create a new list
  3. Fill in the blanks (Description helps other people know what kind of people are on this list)
  4. Click on “Create list” when you are done

From now on you can either select the existing list or create a new one.

Q. How do I get people to follow me?

I think the best thing to do is to have a profile bio that tells people who your are as a whole person, then people who have the same interest will find you, provided that you have interesting and useful posts for your current and potential followers.

My bio at this moment is: A curious designer with her eyes on graphic, web, product, green design, MK strategies. Loves chocolate, baking, food, paper, craft, saving money, singing.

Know that bio that can be change as you change. To change your bio:

  1. Click on “Setting” on the top right corner of the twitter page
  2. Click on “Profile”
  3. Edit/fill in the “Bio” box

Want to go on? Try Twitter Bascis 2.

Kit Kat, a “sure win” in Japan

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I’d love to meet the marketing genius for Kit Kat in Japan!

Miso Kitkat image from Jan Ken's Kit Kat BlogOn NPR’s “The World” today, they talked about Kit Kat having 200 kinds of flavor in Japan, like ginger ale, bake potato, egg custard, green tea… And some are seasonal or region specific (for the tourists, the strangest one might be the Miso flavor), as many other Japanese products are.

Other than the blinding variety of flavors, what made Kit Kat a sure win brand in Japan? Kit Kat’s slogan there is “Kitto Katsu,” which means sure win (きっと勝つ.) They even had a mailing ready packaging for people to send to students who are in need of some luck before exams.

Wow, way to push products. I am in awe of this brilliant idea!

Holistic Financial Counseling

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Holistic Financial Counseling business stationeryHolistic Financial Counseling is my most complete project up to date. My client, Marielle Higler, and I started with business card, letterhead, and envelope.

For the business cards, we came up with a set of 9 cards, each with different color and different quote in the back. Whenever she hands out her cards, the response from people choosing their favorite and exchanging their quotes is a expected joyful scene we both expected.

Then we took a small detour to get her book ready. Finally, we finished the project by setting up a wordpress web site, a twitter account, and a facebook page.

Holistic Financial Counseling wordpress siteMarielle, the Money Whisperer, believes in empowering people to live a holistic life by tackling their money issues. Money is not really just money, how you spend money represent how you are as a person. It effects your spirit, your relationship with others, even your health.

She is easy to work with because she listens and she states her points clearly. I am sure the same skills will translate ever better between her and her clients even more effectively.

Showing Up for The Golden Years

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Showing Up for the Golden Years: Resetting the Retirement Mindset

I am proud to introduce this book to you. Not only because this was my first book cover design, it is a book that intent to inspire actions in people.

Marielle Higler, the author, my client, set out to find herself after her children left home. Like many women in her generations, she was single and ready for retirement. Then she encountered blocks in all areas of life, finance, aging, self-worth and many more. This book was her journey in searching for answers. She shared her own issues and ways to get to the next level.

I have always cherish the experiences of the people who came before me. I truly believe many retired people don’t give themselves enough credit. Maybe they don’t work for a company or taking care of the kids anymore, their skills and knowledge translate to other area just the same. Only many don’t seem to realize the treasures hidden inside themselves.

If you are someone you know is wandering aimlessly through the golden years, please read this book or take a step toward being all that you can be. I ask you to Show Up for your life, the world is waiting for you!

Missing link? New to Twitter Tools for WP

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I finally got lazy and got the “Twitter Tools” wordpress plugin.

Everything went well until I activated the tool. Links (long or short) will show up on in the post tweets. As it turned out, I just needed to remove a trailing space after the API key.

Adding archives.php to WP site

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Actually, I should say how to create a customized page using a template page php file.

I had created a WP site with both pages and posts. But instead of installing WP at the root and at the blog subdirectory, I just installed it at the root and listed the latest blog posts titles in the sidebars.

But I still needed a way for people to get the a place where they can enter the “blog,” so I created a customized archives.php and list post by category links and monthly links.

From the WordPress Forum, I knew I needed to create a new page with a sensible title and blank content, then select a template. But for the life of me, the archives.php just wouldn’t show up in the template pulldown.

Then I figured out, all I had to do is add these lines to the beginning of the archives.php. (don’t forget to put the php tags on the outside!)

Template Name: Archives

Now go back to your page list, use the Quick Edit for your new page, and you will find Archives in the template pull down. Amazingly simple yet extremely illusive at first.

* At this time, I am working with the WP version 2.8.4. *

3-Column VS WP Comment HTML Bookmark

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In my previous post about the equal height 3-column layout, I found no problem using it in that project.

This time, I noticed that in the WordPress comment lists, the time stamp is made into an “a” tag bookmark and it broke the layout by showing the space that was suppose to be hidden.

At first I only saw the content following the bookmark. After viewing the source, I figured out that it was only showing the bottom of the page which is usually hidden. This area is the trick to the equal column method: large negative margin bottom and large positive padding bottom.

Luckily, the site I am working on right now will work with a fake 3-column background.