Mac OS X Leopard: The Missing Manual

book review, mac os X leopard

Author: David Pogue

Mac OS is always natural and easy to us for me. I never thought a book on OS X would do my any good. And I was wrong.

I hear there are changes from Tiger to Leopard but without the help of Mac OS X Leopard: The Missing Manual I would never know how many features I would have missed.

After reading about the Time Machine and the Stacks, I was converted to the Leopard upgrade. And when I finally got to use it, I was already an old hand. For users who want a little more control, the Unix Crash Course chapter is great place to help me remember the command and syntax.

Besides providing offering useful info and tips, the book was really easy to read and follow. If you have been a long time Mac user, you can get through this in a few hours.

If you use your Mac as a web server or a test server and is looking to use PHP and Database, I suggest getting Mac OS X Leopard: Beyond The Manual as a supplemental reference.

Being a frugal person, getting the most out of Leopard makes me a happy girl. I will never look at another OS book the same way again.