Who I Am (A Resume)

poem, separate from the ego, inspired by "A New Earth"
I used to think I know who I am.
I would tell people
	I am Chinese, I am a geek,
	I am a daughter, I am a sister, I am a friend,
	I am a designer, I am a writer.
But those are just things I do, positions I took, roles I was given.

I am not Chinese, I have Chinese blood.
I am not a geek, I have interests in technology and science.

I am not a daughter, my parents gave me life
	to be more than just a girl with their DNA.
I am not a sister, I learn to give and receive,
	not to only obey, not to only command.
I am not a friend, I give care and support,
	not to judge, control, and need.

I am not a designer, I organize, create, then present.
I am not a writer, I pour things on to paper with words.

Who am I? I Am.
					-- written on 5/7/2008 --