{ReUse before ReCycle} Sales Report

Thank you for coming out to see my work. I enjoy sharing my work with everyone who came to touch the paper I love so much. It was so much fun to see how people play with the texture and arrangement of the design.

Today’s total sale was $152. It will be going to the Tzu-Chi Foundation (Seattle Chapter) tomorrow. Tzu-Chi’s head quarter is located in Taiwan, however, there are offices through out the world, working to help the local communities and well being for people of the world. They are also actively in other areas such as environment, medical advancement, culture and education.

The money donated to Tzu-Chi for charity purpose will only be use as such. It will not go to pay someone’s salary or mailing campaign.

They have already been down to the disaster zone twice already. Please watch Dai-ai’s (a station in association with Tzu-Chi) English News report on their 12/9/07 visit (about a 1/4 into the clip.)

There are also a written article (in Chinese) and transcript (in English and Chinese) of the News Report.

One side notes about the blankets they gave out. The material is made from recycled plastic bottles collected by volunteers, then sewed into blankets by another set of volunteers. This makes your donation goes so much further since the cost is much less. These blankets has been sent from Taiwan all over the world to help people in need.

In this case, they are being green and saving some green!

I hope to sell a few more memo pads and will keep reporting about it. Thank you again for all your time and support.