Mysterious InDesign Okidata Issue

indesign cs3, okidata, booklet printing

This is my first time making planner for my families and friends, just when I am comfortable enough to make one for sale, the 2nd half of my print out (using booklet printing) from Okidata color printer came out with crossed out rectangles instead of actual letters.

I tried making it into PDF, make a new InDesign (CS3) file, those didn’t work. Printing a few pages at the time is not really an option, since I need to print it out in booklet formate. It works when I print through a different but b/w printer.

I called Okidata, the patient and funny engineer (thank you, Dennis) determined that my file is somehow corrupted. So, I am back to square one. Glad I don’t have to buy a new printer though, this one has been working very well for me.

If that still doesn’t work, I might have to rearrange the pages myself for booklet format. Ah, being old school builds character.