Import RSS Feed to A Facebook Page, Part 3

import rss, facebook page

UPDATE: FB Page no longer lets people import RSS feed. Please read “Import RSS Feed to A Facebook Page, The End” for their answer.

A visitor left a comment for Import RSS Feed to A Facebook Page, Part 2 (posted in 6/2009). It has been so long, I forgot to update on this topic.

Since using 3rd party apps often ask to share my info with more people, I now only uses FB apps. This is what I use now for importing RSS feed to my FB page.

Before I go on with the steps, I’ve found that FB doesn’t always update the feed on time (or even at all). But it’s free and it doesn’t matter to me that much so this solution might not work as well for your business.

Importing your RSS feed into “Notes” on your FB page:

  1. Login to FB and get to your FB page
  2. Click on the “Edit Page” gray button on the right, below the FB menu bar
  3. Click on “Apps” link in the left sidebar
  4. Under “Notes”, click on “Go to App”
  5. Click on “Edit import settings” in the left sidebar
  6. Copy and paste your feed into the box (I had problem using the “feed://…” option, so I used the “http://…./?feed=rss2” from my WordPress blog.) You may have to try a few things before it takes.
  7. Click on “Start Importing” button