Giella’s Alchemy

At my client’s (Mill Creek Skin & Laser) grand opening party, I witnessed Giella’s magic.

When she is working with a client, her caring and artistry show through the glowing, smiling faces I saw after the make over. Ladies who came from a long day of work, drove through the horrible stormy weather, left with the intention of sleeping with Giella’s work, so they can show off at work the next day.

Also, they commented on how comfortable it is to wear GIELLA Custom Blend Cosmetics. And the effect is amazing since Giella personally mixed and applied the colors for each person.

Though with all the news articles and tv appearances she has, you still see how she wants to take good care of everyone she works on. Never been the one to believe in cosmetics, I saw Giella brought happiness and transforming effects to people she touched.