Moon Shine Clock Design

clock face design

When the lovely Sarah Stiller from Neenah Paper told me about the Oxford & Esse clock design contest, I knew I would never meet the deadline (24 hours). Still, this fun promotion is something I had to do something with, so I ordered my paper anyway.

moon shine clock face designConfined at home by the icy world outside, I woke up determined to make my clock.

The image shows the time at 2:40+. For the clock face I used Esse, Pearlized Latte with hours and minutes punched out. The orange hour dot is Esse, Arancio. The background is Oxford, Black.

I called it Moon Shine because the design kind of remind me of moon moving in its phases.

Although my design is nothing like what people made, next time when I get a big break, I might just come up with something else!