“Cage” by I-Pei Lin

artist, COCA

“Cage” is a piece from the “Inquiry as Collection” exhibition at the Center On Contemporary Art in Seattle.

Cage, a piece by I-Pei LinI am not really a fine artist but I like the colors used. It’s also interesting to me how fitting the title is. The bird in the cage, in the tube, in the box. And the bone, stone, and chess piece* underground, feels to me like everything will go through it’s cycle no matter how amazing or trivial it is.

* the Chinese character on the chess piece means one who is talented.

Other pieces carry interesting feelings as well: collections of bones, doll parts, cigarette butts to name a few. The exhibit runs till 9/27/2007, might want to bring a magnifying glass to see all the details these arties put in!