The Money Whisperer

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The Money Whisperer logotypeAfter six months since the launch of Holistic Financial Counseling, my clients, Marielle Higler and I both came to the conclusion that she is more than just a financial counselor, or a writer, or a publisher. She IS “The Money Whisperer”!

The Money Whisperer blogSo, we set the rebranding in motion. I created a new logotype for The Money Whisperer while keeping the harmonic waves for the Holistic Financial Counseling. The font I chose for the new logo expresses Marielle’s creativities while depicting her clear thinking in sorting out people’s financial confusions.

We also separated The Money Whisperer blog from the Holistic Financial Counseling site. With this change, came many benefits.

  • Marielle feels more at ease on being The Money Whisperer when she goes out to meet with people and when she blogs.
  • It leaves space for expansion. Since The Money Whisperer is the umbrella that covers all she does, her counseling practice, writing, publishing and other endeavor she might undertake in the future.
  • Holistic Financial Counseling siteIt’s less confusing to the counseling site visitors. In the first version, the blog listing was crammed into a column on the Holistic Financial Counseling site, many of the visitors found it overwhelming to figure out where to go. With that column removed, the counseling site is now clean and easy to navigate.

Marielle, who used to hate computer and social media, with the certainty of being The Money Whisperer, now blogs often, got on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

The best reward for me as a designer is to hear about the enthusiastic reactions she gets when she give out her new business card as The Money Whisperer. And I hope people who connect with her through one of the items I designed will gain useful information and feel welcome to share their insights on her blog.