New Entrepreneurs Beware

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After many months of watching and waiting, I had secured a .com domain name for my client at last. But it wasn’t easy to keep the scammers away from my client’s credit card.

My client had purchased all the other related extensions (.biz, .net, etc.) because the .com for this domain name wasn’t available. A few days before the .com went back to the public pool, my client got an email that they are SELLING the .com name. Mind you, at that time, NO ONE had the authority to the domain name.

They wanted $100 for 1 year of ownership. We got it for $10 and there was no question who really owned it since I registered it myself. The funniest thing is even after we got the domain name, the same type of emails were still coming to my client.

So to all the enthusiastic new business owners out there, never trust emails or snail mails that found you, always research before you act.

To check to see if the domain name of your desire is available to buy, use the WhoIs service from InterNIC (a public site):

If it’s ready for you to register, you’ll see “Domain names in the .com and .net domains can now be registered with many different competing registrars. Go to for detailed information.”

Being aware of this scam will not only protect yourself, you can take away the incentive for the scammers to keep scamming.