Twitter Basics 2

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If you need to start from the top, see Twitter Basics 1.

As always, log in to twitter first.

Q. How to I know if someone is talking to me on twitter? Is it like e-mailing?

No, it’s not like e-mailing. When you tweet a message, it’s like posting a message on your public bulletin board. People who wants to see your messages on your bulletin board will need to follow you, so when they log in they can see your recent tweets.

Many people use software to track conversations on twitter but for beginners, I think we will just use the simple free tools.

Method 1: (I think it’s easier to see what’s going on)

  1. Go to
  2. Put in “@your twitter id” as the search word. My id is “IonDesign” so my search word is “@IonDesign”.
  3. The results is a list of tweets from other people that mentioned your twitter id.

Example: _moneywhisperer: @IonDesign I found you!!

In this tweet, _moneywhispere wrote “I found you!!” to me. And if you see two icons on the left, that means the person is responding to your tweet.

If you see “RT” in the message that means “ReTweet”, someone is just repeating your message, not necessarily writing to you.

RT Example:

First I wrote a message to Home Depot:
The staff at Issaquah @HomeDepot garden center are helpful (took a 50lb bag to my car with a bright smile), friendly and fast! Thank you!

Home Depot ReTweeted my message instead of replying:
homedepot: RT @IonDesign staff at Issaquah @HomeDepot garden are helpful (took a 50lb bag to my car w/a smile), friendly and fast! Thank you! //thx!

Method 2: (not as easy to see what’s going on)

  1. Click on “Home” in the top right corner of your twitter window
  2. Find and click on @your twitter id (mine looks like @IonDesign)
  3. You will get a list of any tweets that included your id

Q. How do I respond to the tweet?

When you find a tweet you like to respond to, just click on the “Reply” link. Twitter will start it up with the twitter id of the person you are responding to, so just fill in the rest.