Kit Kat, a “sure win” in Japan

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I’d love to meet the marketing genius for Kit Kat in Japan!

Miso Kitkat image from Jan Ken's Kit Kat BlogOn NPR’s “The World” today, they talked about Kit Kat having 200 kinds of flavor in Japan, like ginger ale, bake potato, egg custard, green tea… And some are seasonal or region specific (for the tourists, the strangest one might be the Miso flavor), as many other Japanese products are.

Other than the blinding variety of flavors, what made Kit Kat a sure win brand in Japan? Kit Kat’s slogan there is “Kitto Katsu,” which means sure win (きっと勝つ.) They even had a mailing ready packaging for people to send to students who are in need of some luck before exams.

Wow, way to push products. I am in awe of this brilliant idea!