Holistic Financial Counseling

business card, social media, wordpress site

Holistic Financial Counseling business stationeryHolistic Financial Counseling is my most complete project up to date. My client, Marielle Higler, and I started with business card, letterhead, and envelope.

For the business cards, we came up with a set of 9 cards, each with different color and different quote in the back. Whenever she hands out her cards, the response from people choosing their favorite and exchanging their quotes is a expected joyful scene we both expected.

Then we took a small detour to get her book ready. Finally, we finished the project by setting up a wordpress web site, a twitter account, and a facebook page.

Holistic Financial Counseling wordpress siteMarielle, the Money Whisperer, believes in empowering people to live a holistic life by tackling their money issues. Money is not really just money, how you spend money represent how you are as a person. It effects your spirit, your relationship with others, even your health.

She is easy to work with because she listens and she states her points clearly. I am sure the same skills will translate ever better between her and her clients even more effectively.