Showing Up for The Golden Years

book cover design, Marielle Higler, retirement

Showing Up for the Golden Years: Resetting the Retirement Mindset

I am proud to introduce this book to you. Not only because this was my first book cover design, it is a book that intent to inspire actions in people.

Marielle Higler, the author, my client, set out to find herself after her children left home. Like many women in her generations, she was single and ready for retirement. Then she encountered blocks in all areas of life, finance, aging, self-worth and many more. This book was her journey in searching for answers. She shared her own issues and ways to get to the next level.

I have always cherish the experiences of the people who came before me. I truly believe many retired people don’t give themselves enough credit. Maybe they don’t work for a company or taking care of the kids anymore, their skills and knowledge translate to other area just the same. Only many don’t seem to realize the treasures hidden inside themselves.

If you are someone you know is wandering aimlessly through the golden years, please read this book or take a step toward being all that you can be. I ask you to Show Up for your life, the world is waiting for you!