Nail Thru The Wall, in An Art Museum?!

seattle art Museum, yoko ono, interactive arts

As I was pounding a nail into a wall in the Seattle Art Museum, the mixture of inspiration, creativity, guilt, rebellion, liberation, and pure fun filled my crazy little head.

To this piece of art by Yoko Ono (part of the Target Practice: Painting Under Attack 1949–78 exhibit), I donated all the good sayings from fortune cookies. Since they haven’t came true for me as they lived in my wallet, I thought maybe if I shared them with all the visitors, some things are bound to come true for some people.

Other than seeing what other people pull out of their pocket to put on the wall, it was interesting seeing people digging through what they have to contribute to this piece. What interactive fun!

And when you visit, would you get yourself a good fortune? It is my gift to you.