Do What You Are [Finding Your Career Bliss]

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Author: Paul D. Tieger, Barbara Barron

Do you think your career deserves your time and attention? No? You might not be doing what you are.

Years ago, I left my first career not knowing what I would do next. Thank heavens, I was so burnt out, I took a long break anyway. When I was ready to move on, my sister introduced me to this book.

do what you areA week before I got the book, a friend asked me to design a set of business cards because I am better at using the computer. Everyone loved the cards and I enjoyed the whole process, so I was considering graphic design as my next career.

To my complete surprise, many things I did in a non-professional capacity were listed in the career suggestions for my personality type. Not only my first career was not among them when I found graphic designer on the list, I knew I was on the right track.

Since then every design project feels like an exciting adventure to me. However, I noticed a problematic pattern in dealing with clients; it seemed like I cared about my clients’ businesses more than they did. Of course, I knew the issue was all mine but I didn’t know why.

Last week, I picked up the latest copy for my sister, since we both couldn’t keep it on our shelves long before giving it to someone who needs it. (Keep in mind that you might do the same if you had a copy.)

Out of curiosity, I read it again. And the answer was right there, my personality is the reason why I am so attached to the projects, sometimes I overwhelmed myself with worries. As an Idealist I “tend to take other people’s problems to heart and can become too involved…” Wow, I finally understood what and how to fix this ineffective working pattern.

The book also said that personality type may change was we grow older, more balanced and well rounded. So, I took the test again as well. And indeed, I have changed.

Although graphic designer is still on the list, novelist showed on the list. No wonder I have been feeling the pull to move into writing but still unwilling to give up design all together.

This time around, the book is even more enlightening than the first time. If you want to look forward to work each day, you must read this book. If you want to know how to transform your weaknesses into supportive traits, you must read this book.

Dreams can come true, you just need to Do What You Are!