Facebook: The Missing Manual

facebook page, marketing, social media, book review

Author: E. Vander Veer

facebook, the missing manual

I have been using Facebook since late 2007 but I have just started to learn about Facebook Page for business uses.

This book is useful for both beginners and for people like me. Do keep in mind that Facebook changes layout often so don’t be scared to click around to find what you need.

As always, I look for ways for my clients to promote themselves in creative and economical ways. Part 3 of this book: Doing Business with Facebook was the most useful to me. Particular CH. 11, Advertising on Facebook.

Facebook Ads can be very specifically targeted. That means your ad dollars won’t be wasted on clicks from people who are not likely to become your customers.

And if you have money, Facebook Beacon seems like a good way to track user actions on your website and share it on their Facebook wall.

I can’t wait to work with adventurous clients to see how the Facebook Ads might work for them!