One Magical Nail

poem, choose to have a nice day
I drive my car out there, 
  something sounds odd to my ear.
I stop to check the rare, 
  a tire so flat, 
  oh, my heavens, my dear.

My help is sleeping in peace so I might as well just leave.
Exact fare for one ride I prepare, to the bus stop I veer.

The bus driver is nice,
  he shows me where money goes as it disappears,
  I look through his fare box, 
  so that is how it works, boy, how weird.
The lunch crowed is now out on the street.
  I bump into a friend who's popularity could never peek.
  Good thing I am walking today,
  or her hugs would never come to me.

Must walk fast before my pass does pass.
  Is that Top Pot I see or I dream?
Despite my desire for sweets,
  I hurry, there is no time to eat.
A bargain for watercolor is something I seek.
  Walking into a bookstore, I think,
  there will be nothing here cheap enough for me.
  But I eat my words when I see
  a box with colors of plenty,
  for even less than a fancy coffee drink.
All these luck in one day,
  from one nail being stuck in my tread.