Modern Women as Recorded by Edward Hopper

seattle art museum, edward hopper, contemplation

Ticket to Edward Hopper's WomenThe quietness is what draws me into Edward Hopper’s world. When the curator said Hopper was inspired by people watching, I was intrigued. He hid in plain sight, took mental photographs of people’s appearances along with the emotions Edward observed in them.

In his paintings, he was showing people in new social situations, where women were starting to work and dine in restaurants. He was quietly telling you the stories of his time. Isn’t that much like what a writer would do with images and words? No wonder I like his paintings.

The silence of them shows me his position strictly as an observer.
The tranquility of them tells me to observe with imaginations.
The simplicity of them teaches me to tell a story rooted in reality.

As a contemporary of the modern women he painted, I will keep on watching under the invisible cloak of busy crowds.

(thoughts from a visit to Seattle Art Museum, Edward Hopper’s Women Exhibit)