Blog Bling Mixer Bliss

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Question on blogging? I got my answers at the Blog Bling Mixer.

Right before the mixer, I spent the whole day building a new blog for my creative writing group, then I ran into the wall of Widgets. I have always wrote my own templates so I can tailor each blog to the client’s specific needs, now I want to know how widgets can help me save work and time.

Last night, Jason Preston of Parnassus Group (event host) explained it to us.

Widget in sidebars: Think in boxes, each is a tool to display data of your choosing. Also see Jason’s Blog Bling tip on styling your custom sidebar.

Widget in WordPress admin design widget page: Think “Widgetry”– a tool to help you build in blocks. WP widget function help you add and arrange your sidebar widgets without programming.

We also learn other tips.

Subscribe by E-mail: At Feed Burner, plug in your feed, copy and paste the generated code into your own site. This would be very helpful for the new blog I am building where the readers are older and don’t know much about RSS. (tip provided by href=””>Jason Preston)

Add Google Talk: If you have a Google account, this is a way for your readers to chat with you. (tip provided by Peter Chee, who also provided the meeting space at the Thinkspace.)

I have so much in my head now, I can’t wait to get them all out on the new blog. It was a great event to learn and met bloggers of all kinds. When is the next one?! Sign me up!