Is Pro Blogging for Me?

bigfood blogging conference, pro blogger

It takes special people to be pro bloggers, just listen to the pro bloggers at the BigFoot Blogging Conference. (Karen Anderson, Tracy Record, Monica Guzman, Andru Edwards, and Chris Pirillo)

Everyone of the speakers does something different, and everyone loves blogging. Well, I love blogging too, especially when my words can bring people together. But what I can’t do is to give up my time away from the computer.

They write on the blogs, they read tons of blogs, they love staying electronically connected, they have something to write everyday, they have special topic to talk about.

Is their dedication to blogging something I want to emulate? I don’t know. The outdoor here is always so inviting, may it be sunny or raining. But one never knows, when an inspiration hit me on the head, I might finally catch the blogging bug.