Happy National Park(ing) Day!

national park(ing) day, art for fun

Today, I took a bus to a store to see if I hold an “instant winner” number for an iPod. I was feeling lucky because I got to the bus stop as the bus pulled up. The bus driver was very nice and let me off at a stop he was supposed to pass by.

When I got off, I noticed a parking spot lined with a tarp. And on this tarp, various colors of paint cans set on top of a bench and 3 painted canvases. As a curious person, I had to ask.

It is the National Park(ing) Day! Parking spots are public land and they are taking a few spots to make it into mini-parks. The mini-park I visited was “built” by a new gallery owner and two urban planners, all three lovely ladies.

One asked if I liked to paint, I said YES, of course. This marked my first painting experience. I hope the picture they took will surface somewhere since my work will eventually be covered up by other park visitors.

I sure did enjoy adding the polka dots to the head scarf of the mindless Star War Storm Trooper and the highlight I added to his brown mustache. I also wrote down “parking lot park” in Chinese and I apologize for forgetting half of the last word… I suppose I will call that art! Ha, ha.

I didn’t get the iPod but I won something better. So thank you, road side lady park rangers at the mini-park on Roosevelt Ave and 47th. Happy National Park(ing) Day!