Work with Lunarpages

reliable web host

I usually don’t ask my clients switch from their exiting host unless it stops being reliable. For the past few months, the web host for one of my clients has been flaky at best. He was freaking out and asked me where to go.

As with my other clients, I sent him to He had requested a domain transfer but the other host refused to respond to his request. My client called Lunarpages to ask for help and talked to a manager there. My client was glad to see how patient and competent the manager was. From him my client got some more information with a plan to get his domain name back.

It’s always good to know my recommendation was confirmed by my clients. I have been using Lunarpages for a few years now, still pretty happy. If you are having a problem with your host, try Lunarpages. In fact, I think there is a sale going on now. $4.95/mo, use the code “promo” on a 2-yr plan. Enjoy!