Eastside Life Community Blog

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I have been blogging on the Eastside Life Community Blog for a few years now.
The site owner, Joe Kennedy is the publisher of the Eastside Business and Eastside Life Newspaper.

Joe’s intended the blog to be a community space where anyone could come and share their thoughts and events on the Eastside. I have posted a lot of things up there, green cleaning tips, money saving tips, Eastside events, sometimes even clients’ promotional events (of course, these were located on the Eastside.) It’s also a wonderful place to promote your charitable activities.

wordpress theme for eastside life community blogA few weeks ago, Joe promoted me to the volunteer designer. Joe never tried to tell me how to design and he always shows appreciation with kind words. I am thankful for the chance to play and create something useful for my neighbors.

People on the Eastside, you could be a stay-at-home parent, a 9-5er, a freelancer, a CEO, a clark… Everyone is welcome to register. Tell us how YOU live on the Eastside!

Update: This blog now has a new and better life. If you are interested in blogging as a Eastsider, please visit http://eastsidebusinessjournal.com/