Transcending CSS: The Fine Art of Web Design

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Author: Andy Clarke

When clients come to me for a web site, they sometimes assume a designer will just plastered everything on a digital wall and be done with it.

At this point, I ask them to write down everything they want to tell people. After we gathered the contents, I help them simplify and organize information, figure out what other functions they would need, design the navigation and back end structure, then I create the site layout.

To find out that a great web designer like Andy Clarke thinks the same way was very encouraging to me. In the book, he takes you through a content-based process, break the information down in blocks, then put it back together in a beautiful package.

In the inspiration section, he shares ideas on the creative process. He reminds you designing for a web doesn’t need to be different from designing for prints. You can get ideas from all kind of places.

And when you are done, you will have a site that is well structured and neatly organized inside and out, exactly what search engines love!

I find myself pulling this book out whenever I start a new site. I hope you will, too.