Write Way To Learn

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Write Way To LearnAs adults we know what kind of a learner we are. You often hear people say, I am a visual person or I do better with audio books. For children, they don’t really know. As parents, you want to give them all the options to help them learn while they figure it out. Here is where Write Way To Learn multi-sensory learning cards come in.

Angie working with her child using the Write Way To Learn cardsMy friend Angie Sharp from Bainbridge Island, a brilliant artist and a lovely person, came up with this idea to help her children learn. Not being a parent, the part I like the most about these cards are that kids see actual image of objects, not a cartoon version.

These card are interactive in so many ways. You can even customize the cards for your children, making the cards relatable and relevant. Take “My Family” set for example, why should your kids to point at a photo of a strange person and learn that is Mom or Dad? Put your own photo on the card and cut out the confusion.

Write Way To Learn card for the word horseWith the “My World” set, you can use the photos of their favorite toys and places. Would it be fun for you and your children to have a photo session or pick out the photos together?

For your eco conscious folks, printable cards are also available for download. That means no use of fossil fuel. If you would rather have a ready-made set, the cards are printed in USA, on recycled paper. Even the tote bags are made with recycled materials.

Since I am not a parent, I will stop here so you can actually go explore the Write Way To Learn.