Miss Lady’s Egg Custard Pie

egg custard pie, my sisters' and me (seattle)

I am the luckiest girl in the world! Miss Lady made me a custard pie!

Hazel (Miss Lady) at My Sisters’ & Me is one of my clients. You might think my view is bias because of that. If you don’t know me, I don’t joke about good eats.

egg custard pie, my sisters' and me, seattleLet me tell you about Miss Lady’s Egg Custard Pie.

The custard is firm like the cheesecake yet light and refreshing. The crust is flaky with just the right thickness to make a crust loving girl happy.

My perfect bite consists of the fragrant custard and the flavor infused pie bottom, the sweetness of the filling and the pie dough taste better with every chew. Every bite is precious to me so it always takes me a long time to finish a piece.

While I was taking pictures of the pie, I wished I was a good enough photographer to capture the goodness in this pie. So, don’t judge the pie by this photo. If you like egg custard pie, call Miss Lady! If you like a honest homemade dessert, you really should call Miss Lady!