Mill Creek Skin & Laser

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Working on the second version of the site was fun and challenging, I learned a few new tricks (see my post on wordpress sidebar and web form for a wordpress site.)

The first version was up in 10/2007. Being that the retail department at Mill Creek Skin and Laser was new, they were figure out what works and what doesn’t. At the same time, they also reorganized their offering for their treatment center.

Only One Click Away

For this version, we updated the product and service items. Now everything is listed in the left navigation sidebar, so when visitors come, they can go to any page with one click. This should improve search engine results and ranking.

Client Customizable

In order to keep it looking new without too much work, and most importantly without having to come to me (i.e. no extra cost for my client,) I wrote in a few customizable features.

  • Customizable header image:
    This way they get to change the image according to the season and promotions.
  • Pre-configured color scheme:
    I also prepared two extra color schemes and color styles. All they have to do is replace a few files and a whole new look appears.
  • Promotional ads:
    On the right column, you will see the ads for current promotion and specials. Again, all they have to do is change a few lines and upload the images for the ad. They can also link each ad to it’s specific web page.

One Important Note: The reason I could put in all these customizable features is because they have someone who knows how to create beautiful images and handle the technical items at the same time. Without this person, it would be hard to make the site as flexible.

Good Features Live On

  • WordPress site:
    Building this site on WordPress means my clients can post new items without my help. This means the contents and news will always be up to date and timely.
  • Web Inquiry form:
    Sometimes, their clients might just want to test the water or learn more about their offerings, web inquiry form help them ask their questions. This helps my clients find and respond to every single inquiry without wading through all the junk mails.

I am glad I was given the opportunity to make the site better. The people at Mill Creek Skin & Laser care about their clients and their skin, you will find yourself in good hands.