Do You Know Your Registrar?

domain renewal notice, mail scam, registrar 

A few month back a client called me about renewing her domain name. The domain name listed on the mail notice was never used by her, so I asked for the name of the company. Sure enough, it was not her domain name registrar.

This weekend, I got a notice in my mail about 2 domain names I own. Again, it’s from a company I have never heard of. The letter looks official and the content was written carefully so it is misleading and threatening to domain name newbies but still sounded passible in court.

The funniest thing is that this company was offering me the renewal price that is 10 times my current rate. Are you kidding me?!

If you are not sure who your registrar is, go to and type in your domain name, most of the time you will remember your registrar by reading the info. If not, you will see that the company that sent you the notice is not listed either, that means you can ignore it.

If you are going to get a new domain name, I would go with either Lunarpages or GoDaddy.

So, make a note of your domain names, registrars, and the renewal dates. Don’t let the bad guys take your money!

Work with Lunarpages

reliable web host 

I usually don’t ask my clients switch from their exiting host unless it stops being reliable. For the past few months, the web host for one of my clients has been flaky at best. He was freaking out and asked me where to go.

As with my other clients, I sent him to He had requested a domain transfer but the other host refused to respond to his request. My client called Lunarpages to ask for help and talked to a manager there. My client was glad to see how patient and competent the manager was. From him my client got some more information with a plan to get his domain name back.

It’s always good to know my recommendation was confirmed by my clients. I have been using Lunarpages for a few years now, still pretty happy. If you are having a problem with your host, try Lunarpages. In fact, I think there is a sale going on now. $4.95/mo, use the code “promo” on a 2-yr plan. Enjoy!

Where Did Eastside Life Blog Go?

eastside life community blog 

Do you visit the Eastside Life Community Blog (formerly The Eastside Community Blog)? It’s not there anymore!

Don’t be shocked! Joe Kennedy (the famous Hair Farmer and Eastside Business and Eastside Life newspaper publisher) decided to give it a new life. Now the it lives at

If you are a blogger there or you want to become one, you will need to e-mail Joe [at] TheEastsideLife [period] com. Don’t be shy, it’s open to everyone. Let’s make Eastside a even better place to live, online and in life.

Miss Lady’s Egg Custard Pie

egg custard pie, my sisters' and me (seattle) 

I am the luckiest girl in the world! Miss Lady made me a custard pie!

Hazel (Miss Lady) at My Sisters’ & Me is one of my clients. You might think my view is bias because of that. If you don’t know me, I don’t joke about good eats.

egg custard pie, my sisters' and me, seattleLet me tell you about Miss Lady’s Egg Custard Pie.

The custard is firm like the cheesecake yet light and refreshing. The crust is flaky with just the right thickness to make a crust loving girl happy.

My perfect bite consists of the fragrant custard and the flavor infused pie bottom, the sweetness of the filling and the pie dough taste better with every chew. Every bite is precious to me so it always takes me a long time to finish a piece.

While I was taking pictures of the pie, I wished I was a good enough photographer to capture the goodness in this pie. So, don’t judge the pie by this photo. If you like egg custard pie, call Miss Lady! If you like a honest homemade dessert, you really should call Miss Lady!

My G5 Blues

troubleshooting g5, mac memory test 

Most people who knew me have hard about my Mac G5 blues. Everyday I would get a least a “please reboot” gray overlay screen. And it could happen at anytime, no matter what software I was using.

I kept thinking it’s the memory but when I test it with TechTool Pro, it never detected anything. And sometimes even the TechTool dies. One day I mentioned this to a friend, Mark Hennon, he pointed me to this freeware RAM test.


Sure enough, it was the memory I installed. If your Mac dies and you can not recreate it with a set of actions, try this memory test. (Thank you, Mark!)

Different Paper, Different Feel

design, paper choice 

For the longest time I resisted going to Maggiano’s because it was such a hype when it first came to town. A few days ago, I was craving for the classic spaghetti, so I finally tried it. I was pleasantly surprised. The sauce was just right, not too salty, not too tart. They even put in some mushrooms just for me.

Maggiano's reciept on laid paperTheir great attention to details shows in the smallest place. When I open to bill folder and was expecting the boring thermal paper. Instead, I touched the cream color laid paper. How classy! It was perfect for an italian place. I loved it so much, I saved the receipt.

One slight suggestion though… the Maggiano’s mark was printed in a shade of red. On my receipt, the ink was light, so the text printed on the red make is harder to read. Maybe make the red even lighter, or consider changing the red to a cream that is slightly off from the paper?

Also, for business people who need to copy their receipt, this could be a problem as well… since red copied as black, then everything will blend in to be a block of gray…

So, for people who don’t think graphic design makes a difference, please reconsider!

WordPress < br > My Web Form

wordpress code, web form in wordpress, auto < br /> insert 

WordPress is very smart, sometime just way too helpful.

It for some reason adds a < br > tag after each < input > tag. It’s very shocking when you first took it from your text editor to your post entry. How to fix it?

The most elegant solution is by Amos Wright, who hides the < br > tag using CSS. It works beautifully.

Thank you, Amos! I am now free to FORM!

WordPress Sidebar:
list post titles by category

wordpress code, list posts by category, sidebar 

Thanks for some helpful hints in the WordPress forums, I managed to tweak the code to list each category with the title of the posts and show them in the sidebar. Here is my solution:

The ??? in the “for” loop has to be larger than the number of categories you have. And you might need to play with the < ul > and < li > tags to fit your nested lists.

Also notice the “for” loop stops before category id 1 ($cat_ct > 1), because I didn’t want to show the “uncategorized” items.

I hope this will help other people searching for the answer like I was.