Pretty? Me?
Radiant? Me?
I considered passively. 

Maybe I am only reflecting.
A mirror for the truth round me.

					-- written on 4/9/2008 --


poem, ego vs essence 
Repeating what my head said.
	You are ugly, don't get in the picture.
	You will regret it, horror awaits in the frame.
Repeating what my heart said.
	You are you, picture or not picture.
	You will regret it, if you hide in the blank.
					-- written on 4/9/2008 --

Stories under 6 words

* Restrained, outed, confessed, pain, growth.
* Cried, spoiled, serious, confused, now.
* Formerly Egyptian priestess, now just me.
					-- written on 4/9/2008 --

Also try your hand in writing “A novel in 12 words or less.”

Dark Chocolate

poem, my obsession 
I love it.
The bitterness is my candy.
I love it.
The sweetness is my booty.
I love it.
The darkness is my skin.
I love it.
For it's there and I can eat it.

					-- written on 4/1/2008 --

Bargain Hunter

poem, my obsession about saving money 
Must buy a hard drive.
Must spend less money.
Must backup data.
Must save on each byte.

Days of searching.
Largest volume.
Biggest Cache.
Trouble free hardware.
Work with my box.

Is time really money?
Or a dollar saved,
   a dollar earned?
					-- written on 4/1/2008 --

Note from two wise women:
      A dollar saved is worth more than a dollar earned.
      Money you saved is not taxed.
      Money you spent is also taxed.

Answer Me!

poem, my obsession about asking questions 
Why is this so?
What makes that go?
How could I do?
Who should I be?

I have questions.
Answer me!
					-- written on 4/1/2008 --

Before the After

What's before the big bang?
It's the singularity, some say.

How did the singularity come to be?
I question...

The universe is playing with us.
More questions follow every new answer.

Not having a beginning and an end,
Is that not okay?

One perfect cycle,
Sounds just fine with me.
					-- written on 3/26/2008 --

Something I Have Out Grown

I used to love dressing up.
I always had the most fashionable, one of the kind dress.

I don't know when it happened,
now I base my fashion on safety, price, and comfort.
This practice seems to seep through to the areas of my life.

I use to dream about boyfriends
	buying me flowers, 
	sharing fine good,
	listen to the music under the starts.
Now, I rather have
	an all powerful laser die cut machine,
	or even just a rotary blade refill pack.
Did I just give up?
Or did I really grew up?
					-- written on 2/5/2008 --