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{ReUse before ReCycle} Sales Report


Thank you for coming out to see my work. I enjoy sharing my work with everyone who came to touch the paper I love so much. It was so much fun to see how people play with the texture and arrangement of the design.

Today’s total sale was $152. It will be going to the Tzu-Chi Foundation (Seattle Chapter) tomorrow. Tzu-Chi’s head quarter is located in Taiwan, however, there are offices through out the world, working to help the local communities and well being for people of the world. They are also actively in other areas such as environment, medical advancement, culture and education.

The money donated to Tzu-Chi for charity purpose will only be use as such. It will not go to pay someone’s salary or mailing campaign.

They have already been down to the disaster zone twice already. Please watch Dai-ai’s (a station in association with Tzu-Chi) English News report on their 12/9/07 visit (about a 1/4 into the clip.)

There are also a written article (in Chinese) and transcript (in English and Chinese) of the News Report.

One side notes about the blankets they gave out. The material is made from recycled plastic bottles collected by volunteers, then sewed into blankets by another set of volunteers. This makes your donation goes so much further since the cost is much less. These blankets has been sent from Taiwan all over the world to help people in need.

In this case, they are being green and saving some green!

I hope to sell a few more memo pads and will keep reporting about it. Thank you again for all your time and support.

{ReUse before ReCycle} Memo Pads

handmade memo pads 

Collections of Memo PadsSquare Memo PadsMemo Pad SetsWow, that was a crazy week, working and making memo pads. I was lucky to have my aunt’s help, we made over 100 memo pads. They come in various sizes and colors.

There are some you can mix and match to your liking.

There are also unique sets I put together. You can talk all the pieces and put the together like a very simple puzzle. Since not all ads appear in the design magazine for more than once, most of the sets only has one copy. If you got them, you will most likely be the only one in the world who has them. And if you want them, come early!

Still got a little more work to do. If you are coming out to see me, I look forward to seeing you!

{ReUse before ReCycle} Debuts

Help The Earth, Help Our Neighbors 

ReUse before ReCycle

“ReUse before ReCycle” Memo Pads are made with paper and samples I have collected from my design projects. Before recycling them, why not get one more use out of them!

My intention is to do something green and make some green. Green for our neighbors who got flooded, that is. I will donate all the money or buy items they need to take to them.

These memo pads will go on sale at the Holiday Bazaar hosted by Countrywide’s Mercer Island office. My completely unscientific “market research” told me these are great stocking suffers! There will be other goodies and some pampering even. Come have fun and get your shopping done!

* As far as I know, only the “ReUse before ReCycle” items are not-for-profit. Please let me know if there are others at the event doing the same thing.

Please check back for product photos and updates on how I use the money.

{ReUse before ReCycle} Debuts
@ Countrywide Banking and Home Loans Holiday Bazaar
7650 SE 27th St, Suite 112
Mercer Island, WA
206. 275. 3779
(Corner of 77th & 27th, entrance to parking is between this building and Starbucks drive-through. Park at unmark spots.)

Watch what you post!

facebook, online social network 

Today was the first day of the Web Community Forum 2007 with the focus of Facebook. It’s very new to me so I am looking forward to learn more about it tomorrow.

One interesting comment from Tristram Hussey, Canadian editor of BlogNation.com, people need to remember that when you post anything, people from all over the world could read them. In my opinion, when you post something online, you are not only representing yourself, you are representing your country and your race.

Think before you post, you never know who is going to read it!

A novel in 12 words or less


Last week “On The Media” posted a challenge for the National Novel Writing Month. They asked the listeners to write a novel in 12 words or less. I was too late for the deadline, so I am posting it here. Enjoy!

Education of Love
Crushing, fantasy, crushed.
Waiting, found, lost.
Troubleshooting, self-confidence, missing.
Debugged, ready, go.

It’s Stupid Not Real
Never mind.
I have enough love for both of us.

Hang out.
MIA at boyfriend’s.
Heart broken.
Long talks and tears.

Giella’s Alchemy


At my client’s (Mill Creek Skin & Laser) grand opening party, I witnessed Giella’s magic.

When she is working with a client, her caring and artistry show through the glowing, smiling faces I saw after the make over. Ladies who came from a long day of work, drove through the horrible stormy weather, left with the intention of sleeping with Giella’s work, so they can show off at work the next day.

Also, they commented on how comfortable it is to wear GIELLA Custom Blend Cosmetics. And the effect is amazing since Giella personally mixed and applied the colors for each person.

Though with all the news articles and tv appearances she has, you still see how she wants to take good care of everyone she works on. Never been the one to believe in cosmetics, I saw Giella brought happiness and transforming effects to people she touched.

“Cage” by I-Pei Lin

artist, COCA 

“Cage” is a piece from the “Inquiry as Collection” exhibition at the Center On Contemporary Art in Seattle.

Cage, a piece by I-Pei LinI am not really a fine artist but I like the colors used. It’s also interesting to me how fitting the title is. The bird in the cage, in the tube, in the box. And the bone, stone, and chess piece* underground, feels to me like everything will go through it’s cycle no matter how amazing or trivial it is.

* the Chinese character on the chess piece means one who is talented.

Other pieces carry interesting feelings as well: collections of bones, doll parts, cigarette butts to name a few. The exhibit runs till 9/27/2007, might want to bring a magnifying glass to see all the details these arties put in!

THEME :: Asian Do More Than Just Study

creativities, asian in art and life 

Still have it in your head that Asian people are told to only be good at school, become a doctor, make lots of money, get married, and have lots of kids!? THEME magazine tells you differently.

I discovered this magazine while I was researching in the fashion arena for a client. From THEME, I saw the creativities and inspirations from interviews and articles. They talk about the Asian communities in many areas, design, fashion, music, food, and travel. People get to see things from our eyes and share what we enjoy and love.

In THEME, you will find many interesting works from Asian all over the globe. Don’t miss out, check them out!