Email Address Is Not for Harvesting

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A client had requested to put their email online. I worried that the email address will soon be spammed.

Using image and text representation (like john[at] don’t seem like a good solution since the customers might not understand that they actually have to type in the email address instead of clicking.

After searching online I found How to Avoid Spambots on Project Honey Pot.

They offered many method, I ended up using the Advance Munging (ASCII coded email address) and the No-Email-Collection Meta Tag. This way their customers can click on the email link or copy/paste the address as usual.

For a personal site, I would have also put the Member of Project Honey Pot logo on the page where the email address is displayed.

The Money Whisperer

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The Money Whisperer logotypeAfter six months since the launch of Holistic Financial Counseling, my clients, Marielle Higler and I both came to the conclusion that she is more than just a financial counselor, or a writer, or a publisher. She IS “The Money Whisperer”!

The Money Whisperer blogSo, we set the rebranding in motion. I created a new logotype for The Money Whisperer while keeping the harmonic waves for the Holistic Financial Counseling. The font I chose for the new logo expresses Marielle’s creativities while depicting her clear thinking in sorting out people’s financial confusions.

We also separated The Money Whisperer blog from the Holistic Financial Counseling site. With this change, came many benefits.

  • Marielle feels more at ease on being The Money Whisperer when she goes out to meet with people and when she blogs.
  • It leaves space for expansion. Since The Money Whisperer is the umbrella that covers all she does, her counseling practice, writing, publishing and other endeavor she might undertake in the future.
  • Holistic Financial Counseling siteIt’s less confusing to the counseling site visitors. In the first version, the blog listing was crammed into a column on the Holistic Financial Counseling site, many of the visitors found it overwhelming to figure out where to go. With that column removed, the counseling site is now clean and easy to navigate.

Marielle, who used to hate computer and social media, with the certainty of being The Money Whisperer, now blogs often, got on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

The best reward for me as a designer is to hear about the enthusiastic reactions she gets when she give out her new business card as The Money Whisperer. And I hope people who connect with her through one of the items I designed will gain useful information and feel welcome to share their insights on her blog.

New Entrepreneurs Beware

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After many months of watching and waiting, I had secured a .com domain name for my client at last. But it wasn’t easy to keep the scammers away from my client’s credit card.

My client had purchased all the other related extensions (.biz, .net, etc.) because the .com for this domain name wasn’t available. A few days before the .com went back to the public pool, my client got an email that they are SELLING the .com name. Mind you, at that time, NO ONE had the authority to the domain name.

They wanted $100 for 1 year of ownership. We got it for $10 and there was no question who really owned it since I registered it myself. The funniest thing is even after we got the domain name, the same type of emails were still coming to my client.

So to all the enthusiastic new business owners out there, never trust emails or snail mails that found you, always research before you act.

To check to see if the domain name of your desire is available to buy, use the WhoIs service from InterNIC (a public site):

If it’s ready for you to register, you’ll see “Domain names in the .com and .net domains can now be registered with many different competing registrars. Go to for detailed information.”

Being aware of this scam will not only protect yourself, you can take away the incentive for the scammers to keep scamming.

Holistic Financial Counseling

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Holistic Financial Counseling business stationeryHolistic Financial Counseling is my most complete project up to date. My client, Marielle Higler, and I started with business card, letterhead, and envelope.

For the business cards, we came up with a set of 9 cards, each with different color and different quote in the back. Whenever she hands out her cards, the response from people choosing their favorite and exchanging their quotes is a expected joyful scene we both expected.

Then we took a small detour to get her book ready. Finally, we finished the project by setting up a wordpress web site, a twitter account, and a facebook page.

Holistic Financial Counseling wordpress siteMarielle, the Money Whisperer, believes in empowering people to live a holistic life by tackling their money issues. Money is not really just money, how you spend money represent how you are as a person. It effects your spirit, your relationship with others, even your health.

She is easy to work with because she listens and she states her points clearly. I am sure the same skills will translate ever better between her and her clients even more effectively.

Showing Up for The Golden Years

book cover design, Marielle Higler, retirement 

Showing Up for the Golden Years: Resetting the Retirement Mindset

I am proud to introduce this book to you. Not only because this was my first book cover design, it is a book that intent to inspire actions in people.

Marielle Higler, the author, my client, set out to find herself after her children left home. Like many women in her generations, she was single and ready for retirement. Then she encountered blocks in all areas of life, finance, aging, self-worth and many more. This book was her journey in searching for answers. She shared her own issues and ways to get to the next level.

I have always cherish the experiences of the people who came before me. I truly believe many retired people don’t give themselves enough credit. Maybe they don’t work for a company or taking care of the kids anymore, their skills and knowledge translate to other area just the same. Only many don’t seem to realize the treasures hidden inside themselves.

If you are someone you know is wandering aimlessly through the golden years, please read this book or take a step toward being all that you can be. I ask you to Show Up for your life, the world is waiting for you!

Missing link? New to Twitter Tools for WP

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I finally got lazy and got the “Twitter Tools” wordpress plugin.

Everything went well until I activated the tool. Links (long or short) will show up on in the post tweets. As it turned out, I just needed to remove a trailing space after the API key.

Adding archives.php to WP site

archieves.php, wordpress code, customized page template 

Actually, I should say how to create a customized page using a template page php file.

I had created a WP site with both pages and posts. But instead of installing WP at the root and at the blog subdirectory, I just installed it at the root and listed the latest blog posts titles in the sidebars.

But I still needed a way for people to get the a place where they can enter the “blog,” so I created a customized archives.php and list post by category links and monthly links.

From the WordPress Forum, I knew I needed to create a new page with a sensible title and blank content, then select a template. But for the life of me, the archives.php just wouldn’t show up in the template pulldown.

Then I figured out, all I had to do is add these lines to the beginning of the archives.php. (don’t forget to put the php tags on the outside!)

Template Name: Archives

Now go back to your page list, use the Quick Edit for your new page, and you will find Archives in the template pull down. Amazingly simple yet extremely illusive at first.

* At this time, I am working with the WP version 2.8.4. *

3-Column VS WP Comment HTML Bookmark

equal height, 3 columns layout, problem with html bookmark, wordpress 

In my previous post about the equal height 3-column layout, I found no problem using it in that project.

This time, I noticed that in the WordPress comment lists, the time stamp is made into an “a” tag bookmark and it broke the layout by showing the space that was suppose to be hidden.

At first I only saw the content following the bookmark. After viewing the source, I figured out that it was only showing the bottom of the page which is usually hidden. This area is the trick to the equal column method: large negative margin bottom and large positive padding bottom.

Luckily, the site I am working on right now will work with a fake 3-column background.